Just a few people who were yearning for a chance to spread positivity and ignite the fire in difference makers.


Andrew Steel


Founder and President. Australian actor, producer, and musician passionate about giving people a voice.  Flicks4Change is the direct result of his strong desire to give back by creating a community for those brave enough to invite the discussion of change into their lives.


James Hawthorn

Co-Founder and Festival Director. An actor, producer and Ironman triathlete, James is also an LA Marathon coach for AIDS Project LA's T2EA charity team.  Both a story teller in the film industry, and a coach in the fitness industry, James is always in search of project that makes peoples lives better. 


Kelley McDonnell

Festival Producer. A filmmaker and producer, Kelley brings passion and experience in inspirational storytelling to the F4C team.  An advocate for our mission and the arts, she provides unique organizational skills essential to the overall success of our festival.


T'Lane Balue

Brand Ambassador.