Our goal is to link difference makers with people who want to make a difference.



Boomtown Brewery

Our lovely venue for 2017, 2018, and beyond.  Our friends at Boomtown have a soft spot for socially conscience things... and we love them for it. Stop by for the best craft beer in Los Angeles, life size games, and a good time.


Cue Bakeshop

Our friends at @cuebakeshop kept a tally of how many delicious pastries they sold, and vowed to donate the same number to the homeless in Los Angeles.  Our team joined them to help spread the love, find the video HERE.  Keep an eye our for Cue Bakeshop doing more awesome things.


Safe Passage

Safe Passage acts as a safe haven for life providing hope, opportunity, and empowerment to victims of domestic violence while giving them stability, self-confidence and the life tools to develop a deep personal love for themselves and, in turn, the courage to give back to others.


(Re)purpose Bowties

(re)purpose started with a mission to connect families with the memory of their fallen soldiers. Hand-crafted bowties made from their soldier’s uniform provided a unique way for families to remember the brave service of their loved one. 

Requests to expand into other wearable memorabilia inspired their full-time collection of bowties made from repurposed materials

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